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he just became like 50% carrot

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Just loved these shots

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Tegan: [...] And then “Hop A Plane” was the last song and it was sort of my way of saying like “if this isn’t happening, you just need to let me know”. Which, that did not happen.
Interviewer: And so how did it end?
Tegan: I mean it’s over, I mean… never happened.
Sara: They didn’t hit that shit.
Tegan: I didn’t…
Sara: Say it, it’s okay, it’s part of the therapy.
Tegan: No it really wasn’t about “hitting that shit” I really wanted to like, marry the person. I was in a very desperate state.
Sara: You wanted to hit that shit and get married.
Tegan: Yeah.
Interviewer: Well it’s created art.
Tegan: I got rejected. I had never been rejected before. This is my rejection record.

I don´t want you to care so much about me, i want you to care about yourself, i want you to better the world, i want my music to inspire you.. to feel good or happy or help you when you’re sad, or entertain you or just to be great to drive to.. but..people just want the selfie

Tegan Quin (x)

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